Hinting Civic Futures is a design practice that re-envisions urban development concerned with the interrelatedness of social and technical aspects, to explore a future path for city-making.


The focus of building a city has been changing over time. Currently, the urban construction is dominated by the dream of the built environment with embedded intelligence, namely the Smart City. Urban data streams are processed by algorithms which feed to the physical urban choreography through top-down control. Lots of emphasis in such development is laid on the technological advancement which is actually a by-product for the city.


On the reverse, the rise of citizen-driven urbanization sheds light on the cultural and social aspects. Local authorities, particularly in Europe, became more proactive in reaching out to citizens through digital platforms, open data portals, civic crowdfunding, co-design and living labs, hackathons and more. Usually, these events leverage short-term, low-cost, and scalable interventions to catalyze long-term change.

Hinting Civic Futures explores how to shift the paradigm in city-making from merely focusing on tech-driven business to understanding that technology and society are equally important forces for change, and provides tools for balancing the social and technical dimension when designing urban solutions.