Future Hinting

A Design-Led Future Visioning Technique 


Future Hinting is a future visioning technique for dealing with ambiguous, fuzzy and uncertain topics such as urban service, policy prototyping, orgnizational change and etc. from multiple levels and within a future scope. It is meant to help researchers or designers to gain insights from radical expansions of the current purview and provide tools (triggering thinking pieces, actionable insights & methods, design process) that can be applied at the current stages. It can also involve related stakeholders and open up space for collective discussion on provocative topics. 

Future Hinting is more about making sense than making shape. Instead of designing for the future going from the specific to general, Future Hinting first creates micro-futures, designs in them and backcasts. Moving from the general to specific, this zooming-in process provokes interrogation which can help us understand anew our current state through the design of future worlds and concepts. Future Hinting is not afraid of tackling the complexity of dark matters. By designing concrete concepts from multiple levels (like value, system, human), it aims at dissolving silos and enabling meaningful links between different sectors. 

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